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Originally Posted by Wilsonbro11 View Post
I somehow got moved down to 3 JV doubles don't know how that happened. We were supposed to do a challenge match but the coach that we did and thought we lost. So back to my question. I play some decent people sometimes but not that great. When they second serve they hit the slowest serve and the ball bonces at least 5-6 feet in the air. How do I hit these serves?
Generating your own pace is one of the more difficult things to do in recreational tennis. Generating your own pace off of a high ball is even more difficult.

All you can do is practice it. I've used drop-feed drills where you take a ball and bounce it into the ground. Another good method is to play people who tend to just "dink" or "tap" the ball back. During those encounters... just commit yourself to trying to take every single incoming ball at its highest point.

Believe it or not, the big underlying issue players have with these shots is timing. Most players use the same timing to hit these slow shots that they do to hit regular or fast-paced shots. Bad idea.

When you see a slow ball coming in, you should slow your own timing down. That includes footwork closing in on the ball, footwork adjusting to the bounce, and racquet preparation. If you match the timing of the shot to the timing of the ball, you will hit it true.
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