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Default Decoturf vs. plexicushion?

Wasn't sure where to post this ...

Anyway, I'm incredibly lucky to be purchasing a new home on a large lot and it looks like my dream of having my own court might soon come true.

I'm trying to figure out the differences between the surfaces and wondering if you guys and gals might be able to chime in. Maybe someone has already been through all this and can share what they know.

Until now I've played mainly on various public courts. I assume the surface on your average public court is something inexpensive like deco color or plexipave?

Then there's decoturf and plexicushion which are the cushioned surfaces. With my knees starting to show signs of wear and tear I'm thinking this might be the better way to go, although it does cost quite a bit more.

I guess it's funny that I've never really considered what kind of surface I was playing on at the parks and other public courts and I'm just wondering if these are usually just asphalt with a basic decocolor/prexipave type surface, which would be the cheapest way to build a court...

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