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1. Attack his second serve if at all possible.

2. Find out which side is weaker side - FH or BH. Then try attacking the weaker side.

3. Know your weakness(es) and develop strategists on how to over come them. Your opponent had your game figured out and that's where they go to beat you.

4. Develop a good defense, basically do what you can to get the ball back and have the opponent play another shot.

5. Play each point one at a time. Try not to rush between points.

6. Go big only when needed. Focus more on hitting the ball deep in the court and not let the opponent come into the baseline to attack you.

7. Improved First serve and Return % = confidence

8. Add SLICE to your weapon - low skidding ball, changes the pace of the game which can disrupt opponent's rhythm. Very effective specially if you hit it xcross and deep to the corners.
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