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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
You better think about it deeply. Two players in my club shelled out $600 each to co-buy a ball machine. Apart from the hassles of who carries it in his car and come to the club at what time, the enthusiasm seems to have died off very quickly. Hauling it back and forth, positioning it, operating the remote control - are all hassles unless someone does it for you. One of the guys has taken to asking guys to stand on the same side of the machine and return his shots and also help operate it. He ends up getting 2 balls coming to him sometimes. Basically, the lack of socialization made it less fun. Both of them are back playing old-man doubles as they always did.
Interesting. Of course a ball machine wouldn't be my only source of tennis, but I'm not dropping cash on one anyway, that could pay for a lot of lessons. equipment, court time, etc....

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Whenever I see people on the public courts with their own ball machines, it looks very discouraging. There seems to be a lot of adjusting and fiddling and whatnot. Then they get to hit a few balls and it is time to collect the balls and start all over.
Yeah, but some that's what I need, just to hit a few buckets to groove a stroke. Could be a useful tool, but as I said, a machine is WAY outside my tennis budget.
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