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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Whenever I see people on the public courts with their own ball machines, it looks very discouraging. There seems to be a lot of adjusting and fiddling and whatnot. Then they get to hit a few balls and it is time to collect the balls and start all over.
Ahh Cindy , You should come over to Bangladesh for a visit , atleast you have the option of a ball-machine ( every imported equipment in Bangladesh is 300-500% tax so if I buy say something for 100USD$ after import tax ( not to mention the gigantic shipping cost) it's usually like total 500USD$ ). No Joke.

When my regular practice partner for 11yrs quit - I was distraught for over a month , but gradually in last 3yrs things have gone well , now the guy I hit with is no-where near as fun as my old-pal ( he blew a knee-cap ) , but I've gotten used to him & I just do a lot more off-court work ( gym,swimming,cardio, other-sports : badminton/soccer/cricket etc ) than I used to before.

But for a year or so It was very hard keeping the motivation or keep on going on court ....

Just remember , if you are having a 'boring' time w/ball-machines - some huge-tennis-fans on other part of the world might not even have that as an 'option' , so .......

Just Saying Cheep-up & have faith - things will turn out your way - Good Luck Cindy , I loved reading your threads - I felt it was quite spunky, good reads.
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