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Originally Posted by Andyroo10567 View Post
So, I'm currently undergoing a change in my serve form. What i've been trying to start with is more of a lazy serve. With that lazy serve, I'm trying to accomplish getting my arm motion correct. ( No legs used during this. ) Once my "lazy serves" are getting consistent, I'm planning on incorporating my legs into my lazy serve. When this gets consistent, I'm going to start focusing on working on my flat serves leading into my second serve ( kick serve )
My question is that is this the right approach to change my serve? Just a yes/no question. Comments would be nice.

EDIT : Should have made this a poll....
A resounding YES from me. After 7 years of serve struggles trying to imitate the full pro serve motion, this is how I finally figured out what a real serve is suppose to be.

Don't even think of it as a lazy serve. It's logically the way to learn... it's how we learn everything else. We learn to walk before we learn to run.
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