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Sorry but I think you are wrong.
6-7g is not a normal variation.
I have many other Dunlop and Wilson racquets and same racquets are all in -/+3g range from eachother.

Besides the Dunlop bio 200 Tours I have 2 are in the 355g (354g and 355g) range and 2 in the 362g range (361g and 362g).
These can't be a coincidence.

I opened the buttcaps of each and the havier one has a different foam filling pattern, and it also feels different (a bit more muted).

I just expect dunlop 200 bio tour users to tell me for example
I have 2 one is 354g , one 353g (without dampener, with overgrip)
mine is 357g
mine 355g
mine is 354g.
That is all!

I can't believe there are no 200 tour users out there who weigh their racquets.
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