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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
THANKS FOR POSTING!!! My 11 year old this week has been feeling a popping in her hip. I took her to the physical therapist and she said she really needs to start stretching her hips. She said her hips were wayyyy to tight.
You're welcome, but I must give credit to Chris from London who is an expert in this field and got me interested in this subject. I am 55 and have noticed a considerable improvement in my overall flexibility and strength due to hip stretching. The frog stretch has helped improve my tennis and strength training the most. I am now getting a deeper squat, something that was static for a very long time. Also, I tend to play with my feet to close together (like most people) so this stretch is great.

Glad your PT noticed this in your daughter. Every PT is different and will focus on their preferences. Hope she gets better.

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