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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Well I see that StarWng Sports mgt and Everts agent put out a very brief statement from Chrisse,

"In his book, Jimmy Connors has written about a time in our relationship that was very personal and emotionally painful," Evert said in a statement released to Reuters on Saturday through her agent Lawrence Frankopan at StarWing
"I am extremely disappointed that he used the book to misrepresent a private matter that took place 40 years ago and made it public, without my knowledge. I hope everyone can understand that I have no further comment."

There you go.......pretty much admits its true, good for her to drop it. Interesting that Jimbo didn't give her a heads up........understand why ($$$$$ book sales) but still kinda classless.
That's one of the worst things a man can do to a woman. I don't care how long ago it was. It's just mean.
You can't convince me that he needs the money, so WHY would he write about that?
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