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Originally Posted by monfed View Post
Looking at Djoker's horrid form,it looks unlikely that he'll beat Ralph given the form Ralph is in,even after an 8 month layoff.

Rodge is in terminal decline and this could be his worst year on tour since his debut,even. I can't see him beating Ralph at any slam, at this point though I hope he beats him at the USO,should they meet.

So,we're left with Murray. Can Murray 2.0 beat Ralph at Wimby,should they meet in the semis and also USO? That's the big question. Now I know you folks don't like Murray's excessive pushing and the fact that he's a big **** doesn't make it easier to root for him either. Believe me I understand your sentiments.

However, I think Federer fans need to start warming to the idea that Murray might be the new #1 and will be the man to stop Ralph atleast at Wimby and the HC slams(if Djoker doesn't do the job).

IDK bout you guys but between Murray and Ralph obviously you'd have to root for Murray(though it is a bit of a Sophie's choice.)

So are you ready to embrace Murray as the Dark Knight who'll save tennis from plunging into 2010-like depression or will Murray let us all down again by not holding up his end of the bargain?
Hope this bites you in the rear and Murray knocks out Fed EVERYTIME they play and then loses to Rafa..........
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