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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I was about to say - in India too there are plenty of ball kids available for cheap. Many of them are not only better than most 4.5 players, they are also better than the coaches! I have used several of them during vacations, but there is always a "coach" who will take the lion's share of the money and boss over them, while the boys do the actual work.

There was a time when the kids were not going to school so there was the eternal debate whether they should be used or not (using them encourages them not to go to school, not using them makes them starve as they don't have money and won't go to school anyways and become targets for drug peddlers, etc). Now education is compulsory and free and laws are strict and enforced. So the ball "kids" now are actually underemployed young men who are still referred to as "boys."

On one session, I was accompanied by my father. He asked one of these "boys" whether he had completed schooling, probably expecting a tale of poverty like he experienced when he was growing up. He said, no, I just prefer tennis and school did not suit my lifestyle!
Sadly that maybe so for India , but Bangladesh tennis-infrastructure is not at all that great, Nope - forget about high-rank tennis juniors , there has been only 2 players who have qualified for davis-cup leg 3 , ( that's barely anything ) - none of the junior boys are any good hit & I personally feel like it's slave labour to use ball-kids & pay them less. There isn't much opportunity in a sports like Tennis - plain & simple. India might be different - I did go to india & found during my short stay that ball kids were actually good but maybe very badly treated. They are brainwashed into accepting tennis as their future , why would anyone settle for no-schooling if they had the proper opportunity ? Doesn't make sense.

Back-to-topic , I do feel when your long-time partner quits or gets busy elsewhere your own schedule does suffer , but with enough determination you can find your way back. Good Luck Cindy.
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