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Default Is this the reason why people hate eagnas?? I know that eagnas machine use cheaper parts, but you pay what you get for.Just wondering is this the reason why so many people dislike eagnas machine?I never use their machine, but i will probably not buy machine from this company because i read so many awful things about them,especially their customer service.After i read this page, i ask myself,maybe some of the comments i read could be wrong. They may be one of those angry customer bad mouthing about this company because eagnas refuse to sell them parts for other company's machine.Since words spread through internet like STDs, many people may be brainwashed, even though they never use any of their machine, i am one of them.
What is your opinion about this company's machine?? I am currently using a klippermate, i may upgrade it to one of eagnas's machine in the future,unless i win the lottery.

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