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Here my info and I replied to e-mail too:

Swingweight is 333.5 measured with iPhone swingweight tool.
Wristband: I wear a single in cool weather and double in hot humid weather.
FH Grip: I use a forehand grip that is between an Eastern and SemiWestern - very close to SW
Grip Size: volkl 4 1/4 originally, then replaced with Babolat Skin Feel grip and overgrip. Also some lead under the grip so it is probably a touch less than 4 3/8 when I play.
Choke up or down: I grip my FH below the center of the handle. The butt of my palm is on the grip but just inside the racket butt.
MgR/I: I have measured this and it is 20.9.

Distance from top of shoulder (joint where arm connect to socket) to tip of middle finger is 30".
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