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Default 2013 NCAA Men's Tennis Tournament - Prediction Challenge

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the NCAA Men's Tennis Tournament Prediction Challenge.

Before the FIRST MATCH of the tournament, pick who will win the Championship and who will be the Runner-Up. At the conclusion of the tournament, you'll get FIVE (5) points per correct finalist and TEN (10) points if you pick the champion so 15 points possible if you get the right winner and loser. (EX: Champion-Virginia , Runner-Up-UCLA)

For EVERY match, predict the winner and the final score. (EX: Virginia vs Fairleigh Dickinson - UVA 4-0). Abbreviations are fine - NC State instead of North Carolina State is acceptable. If you pick the losing team you'll get 0 points. If you predict the correct winner but the wrong score, you'll get THREE (3) points. If you predict both the correct winner and the correct score, you’ll get FIVE (5) points. No winning team can have more than 4 points so this will negate those rare instances of a simultaneous finish on 2 courts resulting in the winning team finishing with 5 points (EX: 5-2).

You can edit a pick until a particular match starts, however, please always make a new post quoting the original pick if it is the day of the match. You CAN edit your post if it is at least 1 day before the match starts. You do NOT have to quote the entire post just the match you are changing.

You can pick your winners as far in advance as you want so if you want to pick 2nd round matches before the 1st round is completed so be it however it'd probably be best to just pick one day at a time so start off picking 1st Round Matches and then pick 2nd round after the 1st round concludes.

The winner is the one with the most points at the conclusion of the tournament. I'll post the results at the end of each day along with the daily schedule. Due to the large number of matches going on at the same time put all your predictions in one post and not in multiple posts.

This is just for fun so no taunting others picks.

Happy picking and may you pick well. If you have any questions about the rules let me know.

2012 Thread if you want to see how it all work.

2013 Draw for reference.

Easiest Format to Pick is:
UCLA 4-0
Drake 4-2
Vanderbilt 4-0

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