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You sound like a real class act. Thanks for your kind words.

OK. I played my first match since my two ball machine sessions. I have to say, this is really working for me.

I took a lesson in which my poor pro tried once again to fix my jacked up FH. I then went over and did an hour on the ball machine. Slow speed, lots of time between balls, just thinking about changing my bad habit and getting some muscle memory together.

It totally worked. I made far fewer FH errors in my match. I didn't jam myself, I didn't rush the shot or snatch at the ball . . . in short, I didn't hit like Cindy.

Yeah. I think using the ball machine for short, controlled sessions to work on very specific things is going to help me a lot.

Oh, and one of my clinic buddies wrote and said she also misses clinic, so we are doing one this week. Woo hoo!!
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