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Originally Posted by newyorkstadium View Post
Just a few more questions, as some the questions weren't detailed enough.

Is the wristband on your playing hand?
Do you have a personal MgR/I value that you tune your racket to? Preferably, this would have been something you'd reached through trial and error with lead tape.

Usually wear wristbands on both wrist. If wearing only 1 band, it is always on FH wrist.

I didn't specifically start out tuning to a specific MgR/I value but noticed that just under 21 was where I usually ended up. So, I do actually put my specs in the MgR/I excel spreadsheet that I downloaded from TT. I do it out of curiosity and am not 100% convinced it is a magic formula but like I said I tend end up around 20.9 even if weight, balance and SW are slightly different.
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