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My wife started playing tennis at my request about 6-8 months ago and is really enjoying it, and we practice and feed each other balls 5 days a week(2-3 hours per day). We do this in the middle of the day when no one is at the courts and can bring the kids out with no issues. I play 4.0+, and she is now playing as well as the 3.0 ladies in our area. She is definitely getting better, but I am not improving as much as I would like. I know in time she will get even better, but what can I do in the meantime?

I am finding it harder to adjust back to hitting the faster pace and heavier balls at night and weekends with my 4.0-4.5 partners. My timing is behind as I am getting accustomed to lots of time for footwork and prep. I do practice off-speed slice wide and kick serves to her which are getting more consistent. I tried having her hitting serves from in front of the service line to practice returns, but they were still way too slow.

So how can I improve and get the most out of a slow hitting partner 5 days a week as this will not change; any special drills or feeds? [BTW - I am very happy and thankful that she is enjoying tennis, but I would like to continue improving as much as possible. She is willing to feed the ball anyway I like (hand, at net, mid-court, baseline) but can not put a ton of pace or spin on her feeds.]

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