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Thanks - already some really good suggestions that I will start using tomorrow.

I did some researching on in-court/transition footwork and found a "Dynamic Footwork Series" on youtube by a tennis coach named Yann that looks good for practicing what some have mentioned about deliberate footwork. Has anyone seen this - Thoughts?
Any other suggestions on footwork videos on youtube???

Also, I watched some of his other videos and saw the SweetSpotter idea he is working on which is like a junior baseball bat for practicing tennis. I searched the Sweetspotter here on TT, and there were suggestions to use a wood racquet instead to help focus on hitting the middle of the racquet, watching the ball better, and for earlier prep due to the heavier wood racquet.
So, I went to Goodwill today and picked up 2 practice racquets for $2.99 each. I got a Jack Kramer Autograph (4 5/8 Light, maybe 65 headsize?) Speed Flex and a Pro Kennex Silver Ace Midsize (about 85 headsize?), and both weigh almost the same at nearly 13 ounces. Both are in pretty nice condition and came with the cover and wood press (pics below).

I figure I could use these while playing against my wife to help me focus on watching the ball, prepping early, and really hitting the sweet spot. I figured the Silver Ace could be a middle ground between the JK Auto and my Vantage 95.

RACQUETS: Vantage 95 (Strung: 11.5 oz, 5HL, 67ra, 16x19, 26.5")
CURRENT STRING: Genesis BM 16 @ 56lbs Mains / OGSM (natural) 17 @ 60lbs Crosses

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