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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Oh, here's another thing that would help her.

I wish some guy had hit spin serves to me when I was a 3.0. Most women don't serve with a lot of spin, so I am not used to seeing it. If you can hit big kickers and twist serves and slices to your gal, she will develop the skill of being able to read the spin better.

Maybe when she gets to 4.0 she won't be as easy to ace as I am!

I definitely do this with her as I know what you are talking about. Since the pro and I are friends, I will sometimes fill in and play with his 3.5 and 4.0 ladies practices for doubles and none can handle kick or slice serves.

To challenge myself and my wife, I have her start even with the doubles alley on both sides and try to go even wider with a slice on the duece court and out-wide kicker on the ad side. She knows exactly where I'm going to serve, and then I try to take it even wider and with as much spin as I can.
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