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Originally Posted by Rozroz View Post
i have a permanent power/speed shortage in all my serves, and i cannot find any solution of solving it ATM.
i developed a good selection to add variety so i can hold games with changing serves when i need to (flat, "rafter", slice, kick), and i even manage to keep the consistency of 1st serves. but i just have lame power/speed on all of them.
even when i hit a decent flat, it can hardly reach the fence after 1st bounce.

i will try to shoot a video soon, but i wonder if there's any "quick fixes" for power? i know it's not just "build more muscle power", because i can see older people and 13yr girls who can get at least x2 more speed than me.

If the part in bold is true, don't mess with it. People get too hung up on serve speed. Too much ego. If you have this kind of variety and consistency, you've accomplished more than many rec players. If you get obsessed with speed 1. your first serve percentage will drop, 2. you'll double fault more, 3. you may wind up hurting your shoulder if not using proper form and pre-habbing correctly, 4. you'll likely win less. So, why bother?
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