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Originally Posted by MikeHitsHard93 View Post
So I got to hit with my radical tonight... Poly was definitely the wrong choice for this frame. I also need to tail weight it because it feels a bit too HH for my liking. However, I found that if I time my strokes right and consistently find the sweetspot, I could hit a very heavy ball with decent control. I need more power though to be quite honest. Think the change in string would help?

The best part about this racket was the serve. Ohhhh my! Hahaha. I didn't double fault even once!
Ok, man, I do have some thoughts. First, yeah, poly was a bad choice and I didn't want to sound like a broken record, but definitely think you should try gut on at least one of them. Crazy as it sounds, synth gut was also really nice on this racquet. I liked OGSM on it, really nice pop. Again, this is presuming you want to take a step back from top-spin focus.

Natural Gut will give you more pop than the Cyclone at stock specs. You could also restring at a lower tension (have no idea what tension you went with). If all else fails, you could also add lead to the top of the hoop or between 9 and 3 o'clock. The MGRMP is 11 oz strung, that gives you a ton to work with to find your right balance and needed pop. Beyond that, you could probably go fully silicone into the handle, get crazy feel in the process and still way less than the 200 Tour you were just testing. That's the great thing about this racquet, you can turn it into pretty much whatever you want.
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