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Originally Posted by High street sw19 View Post
I hope you have hit with this to know what you are talking about, I have two they are sweet and there are a bunch of guy's at my club in London that swear by them. (not at them).
Who makes them? Vortex?

That long string design has come around a couple of times in racket history. (Remember the Bergelin Longstring, endorsed by Borg's coach?) It has never caught on with the public in a big way, but that doesn't make it a bad design. A bunch of racquetball rackets use it. It does seem like the string bed's power zone would be somewhere around the throat, though.

On topic... Idaknow, hard to say, even if I had a clear idea what "worst" means in this context. Modern carbon composite rackets are all what would have been science fiction only a few decades ago, and I can't imagine a current pro using one that couldn't do what s/he needed it to do. Stuff like the difference between "K-Factor" and "BLX" would not impact actual on-court performance.

I remember Jay Berger using an aluminum Prince Pro in the 80's, after everyone else had gone graphite, Mecir using wood in the late 80's in a Slam final, and Lendl using a more-or-less standard-size frame even in the 90's.

That T-2000, though... Man, that was a hard racket to love.
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