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Originally Posted by 2ndServe View Post
yes, right below the knee cap
I would say that my mild pain is under the patella where it rides on the cartilage (on the femur). MRIs from another injury indicated that there is some cartilage damage there. When I do the above linked rectus femorus stretch the knees feel better.

I believe that there is a well-known injury below the knee cap that affects the tendon that connects the patella to the lower leg, the patella tendon.
I have not had that injury. I'd start researching runner's knee if your injury is in the patella tendon area.

Search illustrations for the knee joint.

Of course, there are many other causes of knee pain some of which are in the reference in reply #3.

Any strengthening exercises for muscles that may be too tight/short already should be prescribed by a physician who is specialized in those issues and posture. Medically trained physical therapists teach the exercises & stretches and make sure that you are doing them correctly while considering your injury.

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