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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
We all now expect HD in our TV. Forget the high speed video low resolution issue because you don't need HD to see everything you need to analyze tennis strokes.

In a high speed video camera the spatial resolution has to be just good enough to see the objects that you need to see: racket, ball, hands, arms, fingers, etc.. Check my videos to see if you can locate these objects. It does not have to be attractive just adequate. The camera engineers have reduced the number of lines of resolution so that the frame rate could be increased in an affordable camera.

A high speed video camera gives you time resolution, 240 fps takes a frame every 4 milliseconds. If this time is what is needed to to see the rapid changes in body, racket and ball in a tennis stroke, then it works.
you are right about the time resolution..
but if i invest in highspeed cam, i personally need it for other filmic stuff.
i think that asking for highspeed 720p res today is not too much by todays standards.
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