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Originally Posted by spinovic View Post
Have you tried the HEAD Extreme Pro 2.0 or MP 2.0? I think you might find that you like one or both of those.

There are some "heavier" racquets that aren't as demanding as some that you've tried, IMO.

But, if you like lighter, I think the Volkl V1 MP would be worth a look. It gets great reviews, is 102 in and right around 11 oz strung. I believe it is Siobahn who loved that racquet in the playtest, and I believe she's the one who loves the Pure Drive.

If you're racquet search isn't over, I'd suggest trying the Extreme Pro and V1 MP.
Thanks spin. I just added 3grams of lead to the base along with an over grip to my rad. If that doesn't work, then I'm sending them back and demoing more. I will keep the extremes in mind as well as the volkl.
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