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Originally Posted by Audjpy View Post
200USD!?M? Im 100% sure you are lying
EVERY new vapor9/4.3 sell 899HKD last year (1USD=7.8HKD)
This year price goes up to 999HKD, still cheaper than TW/TWE

If you find a pair is selling 200HKD i will eat the price tag in front of you
Hey relax my countrymen. No need to call me a liar or eat anything for me. What's up with this attitude? Maybe I shopped at an expensive place (Time Square) or my memory is a little hazy. In my opinion, shoes in HK are more expensive than US. A pair of NB 2002 was selling for $375USD!! while I bought my pair in US for under $100. It could be because of the location or this model is more desirable, but I wasn't impressed with the pricing overall in HK. The good thing about shopping in HK is there's no tax. And I'm happy to see your huge RF collection and get to know your HK'tude.
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