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Default Things in perspective

Hi Guys,

I'd like to address the suggestions to rename my project 3.5 to 5 in One year. Suggestions was made based on my recent promo video.

Although I've written about these things here and there, it would be nice to put things in perspective for those who are new to this thread. As well as those who might wonder.

On Saturday the 12th of May 2012, I had a hectic day. My car's battery was dead and I was a few kilometres away from home. I really didn't want to deal with it at all, if possible. I wanted to do something new and active. I recall, I called up a friend even before calling the road service. My friend was working at the swimming pool of a Tennis club. "Can you find me a coach to try Tennis right now? I asked her".

She managed to book me a lesson for the day after. And there I was, trying Tennis for the very first time! Well not really, since when I was 6 or 7 my parents took me to a tennis academy near by our home. The only thing I can still remember is that I was crying and wanted to leave in the first 10 minutes. I told my parents and grandpa that I don't want to touch a racket never, ever again. And that was it!

Anyway, back to early summer. I was searching for a sport that I could be good at in order to do an extreme project on learning it. I tried rock climbing, skydiving and go karting among others. I also started playing Tennis every Tuesday and Thursday in a Group for total beginners. It was a relatively large group of six and I never felt like I had enough of it.

At fall I was almost certain that Tennis would be my sports challenge.

On December I started training with a coach intensively in order to see if I feel alright and if my body can handle the daily routine.

On January 2013, I put aside 80% of my savings in order to join this project. On top I declined an offer to work for a month in Italy. A ridiculously good work opportunity.

A few facts about my Tennis:
May - September I had at the most ten private lessons with three different coaches. I took part in a group of six beginners for 26 times.

Till September I had never tried to serve. Not a single time.

Till December I had never volleyed (except accidentally )

Till late January I had never tried a slice.

Till February I couldn't pick up a ball with my racket! (Very frustrating!)

On January, I changed racket, grip and stance.

The promo video was recorded on 15th of April. And by that time as per Paris, my coach I was just a 3.0.

Till now I've played at the most 15 games in my hole life.

I know I've progressed beyond expectations (although I hit a low point a month ago) and you're right to be skeptical. My coach is telling me that if he didn't know me he would have a hard time believing that I'm practicing for just a few months.

But, that's good I believe.

I hope I helped put things in perspective!

Time to sleep! So tired! Early practice tomorrow. zzZ

NTRP 0 to 5 in one year project.
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