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In conjuction to the stretching and strengthening advise given above, reducing soft tissue restrictions in the lower extremity may also contribute to reduced pain.

Foam rollers, tennis balls, etc. Or pay someone to find and reduce those restrictions.

Something you can do for yourself to decompress the patella and patella tendon is to use a sink plunger over the knee. If your knee is big enough, you can use the plunger right over the patella, you might have to adjust it a little to get decent suction.

Sitting up with the knee relaxed, try to adjust the plunger over the patella region to get a good grip. After you have gotten a good grip, gently pull up towards the ceiling; gently hold to maintain suction. Hold for 5 minutes to get good releases.

Use new plungers ($5 @ Home Depot) Also you can use a little baby oil under the plunger to get a little more suction.

Won't cure anything, but unweighting and decompressing the patella can feel pretty darn good. Nothing wrong with feeling good!

And in conjuction with other stretching/strengthening can aid in speeding up recovery.
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