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I have a Pro's Pro machine, which is very similar to some Eagnas models - probably made in the same factory, who knows.
Anyway, these are the kind of machines that would be best suited for DIY people - you should expect to have to fix something or other sooner or later, and have to improvise when necessary due to lack of replacement parts.
My machine needed some service right after I received it, due to poor assembly / lack of quality control, plus damage during shipping due to being shipped in a box too fragile for an item of this weight.

One thing I can say though, the place I bought it from, those guys were very nice and they sent me a few replacement parts at no extra charge whatsoever, not even for the shipping. I suppose they know what they sell.

But anyway, the machine works now, and I am ok with it. Not thrilled, but not disappointed either, I kind of knew what I was buying. Basically you get what you pay for.
I use the machine for my personal stringing only, so that's not a lot. For this, it was difficult to justify spending any more money on a high end machine.
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