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Originally Posted by Rozroz View Post
still traumatized
This is what improved my first serve pace overnight:

- Testing different rackets, just noting behavioral differences without making any changes to my motion.
- Practicing by throwing tennis balls like a baseball (whipping motion)
- Not doing intentional twists or other motions, just letting it whip (best learned by throwing tennis balls like you would a baseball)
- Initially gripping racket with a decent firm fist, feeling for a nice groove in the bevels around your fingers, all using a slightly more extreme continental
- Throwing out in front not overhead
- Maintaining an L shape with my hand
- One continuous motion from the time the racket rises until hitting
- Not making a huge jump, keeping feet planted until the serve is consistent

Mostly for me:
Concentrating immensely on the ball, actually seeing exactly where I'm going to hit is and not taking my eyes from that spot until it's left my racket

All in all, when it works for me, I have these all flowing in a natural motion requiring little thought besides actually watching exactly where I'm going to hit the ball.

I will gladly post a video of my serve for you to see.
Current favorite: Wilson Pro Staff 90 BLX
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