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After several string jobs and months of playing with T1 Firewire, I am sad to say that I've made the switch to Tour Bite. It was a tough move, since the feel and durability of this poly was amazing. But the decision was based on several string jobs where the ridge of the of the main strings where facing in one direction causing inconsistency with spin generation. Please take note, that this does not relate to what I had mentioned about consistency of shape retention above. I think another member has posted about this inconsistent playing charateristic in another post, but I am exploring the technicality behind it.

Picture a shark's teeth (triangle) where they slightly angled towards one direction. Going against the smaller angle, you will get a lot of grip (bite), and going with the larger angle, it'll be smoother contact which result in less grip. How Firewire rests on the cross strings creates many variations on which angle and direction the ridges between each intersecting cross would face... sometimes they all face the same direction across several mains, and the ball bite/spin generation is very noticeable when hitting with one side of the string bed vs the other side. I don't think anyone would like to remember which side of their racquet is better during match play.

I restring approx every 6-8 hours of competitive play, so the wearing of Tour Bite's edges would not be of issue, but TB's feel is not near as nice as Firewire. I would definitely would love to see a squared version of the Firewire!
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