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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post
Play doubles with the 5th guy practicing to be a ballboy. Then, next set he's got to pick his partner from the loser pair. Extra guy becomes the ballboy. Ballboy can't pick the same partner until all combinations have been used.
Meh... to much standing around, especially if you play a full set.

Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
with 3 players on one court, you can do round robin two games play, each getting a chance to serve a game. score will be either draw or 2-0. do a few rounds of round robin and tally the scores. good combo of intense point play and some rest.
Good idea!

Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
2 on 1 can be the best practice, since the 1 can hit CC or DTL, while the 2 stay fresh hitting only 1/2 the shots. Then rotate every 20 minutes.
You can keep score like a non serving set, to 11 or 21.
2 on 1 is good hitting. The single person on the one side really has to work.

BTW- We lucked out and ended up with an even 4 players. I won both my dubs sets after we switched partners
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