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I tried hybrids of both gut in the mains and poly crosses and poly mains and gut crosses. I can still feel the gut when used as a cross string. I don't see how people think it's a waste. When I did gut mains, the mains broke from sliding against the poly cross. To me, that is a waste. It lasts longer when I use the gut as a cross and it helps soften the stringbed. But, what feels good to me, may not feel good to someone else. I respect what others like, but to me gut mains is a waste because if you hit the ball hard gut mains will break. Why I like poly mains is that the poly doesn't move much or either it returns to it's original straight position. With gut mains, its just like cutting wood with a saw. The poly cross just saws away at the gut mains, but to each their own.
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