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Default Community college, then 4 year school?

My son has a LOT of learning disabilities along with Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD. He is supposed to be entering 9th grade but is 2 years behind in math right now. He can read on grade level, has college level spelling, but 5th grade level comprehension. Basically, he's all over the map. Our neuropsychologist told me she thinks he has a brain injury from birth trauma, which is highly likely because when he was born he wasn't breathing and had nerve damage on the right side of his face.

Anyway, he is a fantastic tennis player. Top 200 in the country in the boys 14s(3 star recruit on tennis recruiting). His coach used to coach Div 1 tennis until the mens' program got killed a few years ago. He thinks our son has Div 1 ability and talent.

Unfortunately, I don't think my son has the academic outlook for Div 1. I'm not sure he could handle that kind of academic load as well as play that high level of tennis. I have been thinking of having him do 2 years of junior college and then transfer in to a Div 2 school to finish a degree(if he wants to, of course). What is the possibility of that being a good path for some tennis kids? He could play rec or adult tournaments here and possibly community college tennis, as well. He could see how things go and then tryout for a higher level school, right?
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