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Originally Posted by -RF- View Post
Guys, I need help. I bought my E-ticket online today but the name of the ticket holder (not me) is displayed on the ticket. Now, I know Roland Garros requires you to show matching I.D of the name, but i was told that there is also a name imprinted onto the barcode??

I'm really confused, could somebody who ahs been to RG before explain the process to me, thanks
1. Where did you get your ticket? IF you got it off the VIAGOGO site (official FFT site) then you have access to update the names on the tickets.

2. If you didn't use VIAGOGO then you have just bought someone's tickets - and unless that person has given you his/her access then you cannot change the names - only the "official" ticket holder can do this.

That's exactly why the FFT keeps control and makes u use VIAGOGO - ANY ticket bought outside of that resale site is considered scalped - that's why you are told not to use any other than the FFT site and Viagogo.

Unless you can find the original ticket holder and have them change the name and resend you are SOL.

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