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Originally Posted by New Daddy View Post
If your backhand is really good, is there still reason to hit inside out forehand at recreational level?

My understanding of the merits of inside out forehand is that (1) forehand is more accurate and powerful than backhand for most people and (2) due to the trajectory of the racket, the ball will naturally have a left-to-right side spin, which will make the ball slide out even further out of the court.

If (1) and/or (2) don't hold true, then is there still reason to hit inside out forehand, leaving you
If the Bh is better, it is likely better in many ways for you to say that. Hopefully
it means you can do many of the things most do with Fhs, like hit on run, I/O,
and I/I. If this is true, you should use your Bh when you can.

For most the Fh is far better on the run and with varying contact points.
Think how important that is. Having more Fh court is good since most can
run good for that side. It makes more shots that come to you as a type of
"inside ball" as well. Inside balls are good for attacking and changing directions!
more Open Fh court means constricting the Bh less Bhs on the run!
Set up more to Bh side also gives you a better angle for moving in for attackable
short balls to use the Fh. Most players don't attack well from the Bh side and
will often give up pts instead of earning pts on short Bhs.

The I/O Fh tactic is an enormous advantage to most players due to stacking
and layering of several advantages such as the ones mentioned.
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