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fantastic - so he can make as much as the average mcdonald's employee - except with massive travel and coaching and stringing expenses - brilliant guy if that is his career plan, diaz will be laughing at his jackass decision to abandon the team - his quote about the team being more together seems suggestive of KU's personality, one that i always thought was likely during last year watching him do an entire variety show while yelling "BREAK ON THREE!!!!" or whatever court he was on any time he got a break in a singles match

clearly i don't like him (yes, i know, Duke is not without an in-your-face personality or two - i do my best to tolerate them since they're in Durham), the fact that this means the SEC will do even worse in the tourney is a bonus

again, good riddance KU, i haven't been this excited that someone is gone from college tennis since alex clayton
I'm sure most players know the cost of a tennis career and the slim chance of "making it" as a pro. As long as they know this, I don't think there's anything wrong with them trying. I mean, there has to be someone ranked below the Top 100 or 150. So, yes, I'd criticize Singh for leaving the team, but not for pursuing a pro career - at least for a while.
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