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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
My adjustment was to treat the 2nd serve return as an approach shot, which worked out better, but at that point I wasn't executing well anymore.
You were blasting those returns pretty good. Remember, although you want to hit an approach shot with pace, depth is more important. If you're trying to hit it hard and making errors, focus more on early preparation and getting the ball deep but safely inside the lines. I don't face too many guys these days with second serves that slow, but when I do, I almost always set up way inside the baseline to make preparation easier and will vary the deep approach, short angle CC, and drop shot DTL. To me, it looked like you started a bit too deep and then adopted a rush-and-attack approach game all the time. Start closer, get your feet underneath you, and vary the depth and angle of the return.

Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
The other tactic which did work well was drawing him to the net. In this case should I have tried drawing him to the net like 80% of the time?
I don't know about 80% of the time, but I would have made him prove that he can beat you coming to the net. From what I saw, he couldn't execute up there and actually retreated a couple of times when he should have closed the net. You weren't winning the baseline exchanges, as the score shows, but without charting it, I thought it was clear you won a strong majority of the points when you did draw him up.

Your last paragraph perfectly explains what it's like to play a pusher's game. Because they're not going for anything and making you do all the work, you feel extra pressure to produce. And when you do, it generally leads to bigger shots than necessary and the resulting UEs as well. Your job playing a pusher is to make him uncomfortable, either by getting to the net and forcing him to pass/lob you or by drawing him off the baseline with angles and drop shots/slices.

Live and learn. You've got a solid game from the videos you posted here and I suspect you'll handle him easily the next time you play.
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