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Default Righty: can serve left, can't serve right

Hey all.

My serve has improved quite a lot since getting advice in another thread. I'm finding these days I can serve out wide fairly easily from the deuce side, and serve ok down the T from the ad side — both moving/sliding to my right — but I'm having trouble serving to my left: down the tee from the deuce side, and out wide from the ad side. I feel there's one or two things I could do to help guide my motion to produce this serve direction, but I can't figure out what it is. I've tried:

• Holding the grip with a more eastern grip vs continental. I've had the best success with this method, but it's still maybe 1 in 10 attempts. This method usually produces a hard body shot which sometimes works to win/set up the point.
• Angling my stance and body slightly towards that side vs my usual stance. This doesn't seem to make any, or much, difference.
• Imagine/aim hitting the ball directly through the back of the ball instead of hitting 'up' on the ball. This produces a body shot most of the time.

I try to keep my toss in the same spot for each serve but in honesty it's a little inconsistent, but getting better. When I want to change the direction of the ball I tend to shift my grip slightly to achieve this, and also visualise hitting the ball in different places on The Clock Face™.

How does everyone else change their grip/motion/stance/etc to hit to the right (for a righty). Any advice would be appreciated, even if it's just some other ideas to try. I'm not looking for a "quick fix", but if I can find something that seems to make it easier I'll practise it.
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