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Default Started Using Video to Improve my Serve

I started hitting balls with my wife regularly for the last month. Been taking advantage of the opportunity to get serve reps have her record a few of my serves. I've found it really helps me get the kinks out and shows me what to work on.

My serve had regressed due to lack of practice and is currently the weakest part of my game (5.0 player right now). But 10 years ago (and even moreso, 20 years ago), my serve was my big weapon. I've improved my serve form in the last few weeks, but still a long way to go to get back to the hammer of my tournament days.

Here's a hard slider followed by a hard topspin second. I hope to post an improvement soon - my goal is to hit the curtain >7 ft high (been 10 years since I could last do that consistently).
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