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My old serve used have much more jump. I used to land further in the court than anybody - about 6 feet in (and higher too). My jump serve was a little like Battistone, but without the extra step. Today I seemed to land about 1-2 feet in. I'm working toward getting more forward jump back in general, as that used to be my secret (in spite of the fact that few pros do it). But today I was testing out a ball toss location a little less out in front, and it seems to have led to less forward jump (I'm usually at 2-3 feet these days). Mostly, I use the height that my ball hits the curtain to guide my tweaks.

Other things I'm working on are:
1. Getting my hips further out in front of my shoulders in the trophy position.
2. Turning my back to the net more in the trophy position.
3. Finding the optimum toss location.
4. Raising my contact point higher (might need to jump higher to do this).
5. Pulling the racquet down faster to have more distance to accelerate the racquet upward.
6. Experimenting with wider stance with rear foot further back for better weight transfer (like I used to).
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