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Originally Posted by JABB View Post
I have a mint Max 400i L frame, played twice. Hand grip original but slightly discoloured. What would something like this be worth?
It is not mint, it's been played twice and has a discoloured grip. It is rare, but there is not a big demand for this "L" version, so I'd have thought about $100. Just to let you know, that selling is not allowed in this part of Talk Tennis, you need to go to the selling section if you want to sell it.

Originally Posted by yonexRx32 View Post
I don't see the bevels characteristic of the 400i on your two rackets. May be the pictures.. but I cannot see them. The pattern is also 18x20, not 16x18. What makes you think they are 400i in disguise?
They do have the bevels, and are clearly strung incorrectly. Like I said they are Max400i's, one is a prototype with a unique paintjob and the other is a paintjob of some sort. Honestly they are definitely 100% Max400i molds, I can assure you, as I've become a bit of an expert on the Dunlop and Slazenger IMF rackets, I have almost 200 of these rackets in total (including the squash rackets), and have about 98% of all the different versions. Those 2 rackets at the top of the page are very very rare tennis rackets.

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