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Originally Posted by CivicLx View Post
I haven't been as into tennis in quite a few years but I did some hitting recently and got a few new things. I think what really did it was receiving the 25% coupon from TW Anyway, I think I got bit by the bug again and now am spending too much time looking for other things on the net. It's usually been warm-up stuff for me...tops mostly...sweat shirts or track suits. I like looking at the soccer stuff too and there are just so many good looking things out there.

Anyone else have this problem or do you just take it easy and buy what you need/want every now and then?
I stock shoes (like 3 brand new pairs of CB's 4.3 and one Barricade), but I also buy tons of clothes. Especially t shirts, some sleeveless (for summer and Nadal style ).

My other excuse is that some of the t shirts can be used for hiking as well (i.e. the odorless one from Asics).

I think I got 20-30 t shirts (half sleeveless), about 4-5 long sleeve ones, 5 tennis shorts, 4-5 pants, 1 good fleece.

Ah and about 5 tennis bags, one being a collectible item.
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