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Originally Posted by Doctor of Tennis View Post
scotus, thanks for the advice.

So you have not yet played with any global gut at all due to premature breakage on all your string jobs? That is disappointing to say the least.

Maybe my strings are not global gut. It's definitely from India but the guy I got it from did not specifically say its global gut. The fact that the string job was successfully completed (at 50 lbs) and the strings have not popped in the bag after ~12 hrs is a little encouraging. I have not hit with the racquet yet, but did bounce a ball on it few times and it felt decent. I Will hopefully get it play with it in next 2-3 days and let you guys know how it goes.

By the way, do you use a dampener on your natural gut? Is it necessary or recommended since its natural gut?
Since the launch of Global Gut, the same company sells its gut under several different names.

The owner of Global Gut, after several complaints from me, sent me some replacement sets, and some of them had a different, very thick PU coating. These would string up better but they are super thick. Their 16 gauge would be equivalent to other companies' 15 or 14.

So I did later manage to play some some of their gut, but I wasn't impressed with playability & durability.

But there are a few posters here who are in love with Global Gut. If you string them at 50 lbs or below and have not already become addicted to the higher-end gut, then this may very well work for you.

Regarding dampeners, it is entirely up to you. If you don't like the sound when you hit the ball, a dampener is a good idea. If you also feel you need to cut down on vibration transmitted to your arm, I recommend a gel-filled dampener like Gamma Shockbuster or Wilson Shock Shield.

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