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Originally Posted by Fintft View Post
Is that all for all yourself? Or are you a professional stringer?

Me, based foremost on my assumption that gut can get old (or at least that some batches can be less elastic/break faster, no matter the reason), I only stock 10 VS Teams 17 at a time...

As to your other post, so far I've been lucky to get it from US, TW usually shipped free to US(picked up when I go hiking in Adirondacks/Lake Placid) or from a small Toronto store that again shipped them into my hands at the same price (US 40).

I know stores can get a discount from Babolat reps (not me though); hence one more reason to buy one in store here, where in can get to almost $100 strung, after taxes! (My worst case scenario is $55-60 strung).

Anyhow, money is not a big issue and I love the gut..
Yesterday, the second day in a row on clay (albeit very uneven surface, not properly maintained/not rolled), I started to find longer swings and it felt good/relaxing... Two days agao I broke one with a mishit (at the top of the frame) when swinging desperately to a friend's short hard ball (most of his were rather long, right on the baseline and again whipping them with Roger's stick), but yesterday it felt good, with the other friend playing more consistent and less powerful hitting.

Thanks for all the advise btw!

One more question: What tension would you use for VS Team 17?

I do 57 mains and 55 crosses (in order to limit somewhat the movement).

Anything lower seems too powerful and loss of control, while higher seems stiffer/less pocketing. Am I wrong?

It's all for me.

I do have a stringing machine but I only string for myself. It takes me 1 hour to cut out the old string and finish the whole job. I am too slow to make any money stringing professionally.

Prior to this winter I always strung VS Team and Touch at very high tensions, typically 69-72 lbs, and these old gut never snap on the machine and they last a long time.

This winter I started experimenting with lower tension and went all the way down to 57 lbs on gut. I even did some full-poly playtests at 30 lbs.
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