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Originally Posted by scotus View Post
It's all for me.

I do have a stringing machine but I only string for myself. It takes me 1 hour to cut out the old string and finish the whole job. I am too slow to make any money stringing professionally.

Prior to this winter I always strung VS Team and Touch at very high tensions, typically 69-72 lbs, and these old gut never snap on the machine and they last a long time.

This winter I started experimenting with lower tension and went all the way down to 57 lbs on gut. I even did some full-poly playtests at 30 lbs.

Congrats then!

Great minds (ahem) think alike!

What do you think of stringer's trick to do the crosses at 55 LBs (and the mains at 57), in order to limit movement? Seems to work.

Ah and I don't think that my stringer strings natural gut faster then 40-45 minutes (after pre-stretching it). The guy is overworked (doing up to 10 rackets per day, but probably none natural gut); I'm afraid he might leave his job

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