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Originally Posted by Anaconda View Post
Rumour has it Iker is off to Arsenal, yeah he's married to a sports journalist, and yes he is known for leaking things. But he also happens to be the guy who keeps the peace between Barca and Madrid.
That's probably why Mourinho has taken a disliking to him, he's known for hating Barcelona

Originally Posted by norbac View Post
And the point of taking Hazard off was what, Benitez.....?
I think Hazard had an injury. He's had one for the last week and was a doubt for the game, so i'm not too upset about that one. Taking Oscar off and putting Benayoun on though? That was just, weird.

As for the equaliser, yes it was offside. I don't know if it's because of the sheer number of games, but we've had so many poor decisions go against us lately that i'm not too disappointed about another one going against us. It's starting to feel normal, which is sad, but there you go.
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