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Originally Posted by The Wreck View Post
I actually did just see him last week at the dining hall.

He was not eating with teammates. I see the tennis players pal around together all around town, but I have never seen KU in any of the groups. I suspect he probably didn't make too many friends with his teammates, especially if he wasn't putting in the same amount of time they did.

I gotta call BS on that. Unless half of them were online courses taken on his own accord. There's no way a school would let anyone take that many courses outside of super special circumstances, much less an athlete who has a significant time commitment to make outside of school. I'm sure he was burnt out, but that's not a valid excuse here. School is over, so that burdens been lifted.

Don't go there Mike. You know as well as I do that dawgie dawg is a troll of the highest order and not reflective of UGA fans.

I'll be honest, I never really liked KU. It never looked like he cared, his attitude was iffy, and he made questionable calls a little too often for my taste. I realize his record was good, but he was never a point I counted on from match to match. The biggest loss, to me, is not his potential point at #1, but the fact that everyone will now have to move up a spot and play just a bit out of their league.

I think we'll get to the quarters...maybe. I didn't think we had a shot with him, so not much different there. Though a semi-final appearance would have been nice, as a little redemption for last year.

Excuse me what is your commitment to UGA tennis? Outside of the players and staff themselves there is not anyone who gives more to UGA tennis than me. I am not a fan of the coach-speak nonsense so I tell it like it is, sorry if that offends your jelly spine.
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