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Originally Posted by barry View Post
Your alpha broke? My two Eagnas machines have been running for 14 and 6 years respectively. No repairs other than a broken clutch spring on the drop weight. $14 dollar spring hour repair.

I think most people read negative posts from people who have never used an Eagnas product. I have strung on a variety of machines and believe the Eagnas is one of the best values out there. For me they work and do the job at a reasonable price.

All are made in China probably from the same parts companies. One exception klipper is made in the USA.
No, I sold my alpha dropweight and bought a Stringway. He serviced it for me since they do carry stringway.

I bought it with a clamping issue that at some point had to be addressed. But I bought my alpha from him, got great support as a noob stringer. Then went to him after I got the stringway as it was a tricky fix and he did that as well.
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