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Originally Posted by DRII View Post
Serena is selfish and single minded when it comes to her profession, its one reason why she's won so much.

However, would it kill her to show a little gratitude and graciousness to a young, naive, up and coming, fellow American player (who is also a Black American as well)?

Serena's attitude is one reason she's such a polarizing figure...
I think she's been very gracious to Sloane. (Is always complimentary of her, had her carry they flag at fed cup even though she lost her match there). I see no reason for her to be grateful to Sloane though. If anything Sloane should be grateful to her but instead has been very ungracious. If Serena had given the post AO interview Sloane gave, everyone would be going on about how awful she was. But Sloane is young and skinny with pretty white teeth and dimples and it was as though nobody actually listened to what she was saying and instead called her "charming."

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